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Dobot M1

DOBOT M1 is the most affordable professional robotic arm for the industry. With 0.02mm precision, the velocity of 200 degrees per second, 1.5kg workload and 400mm maximum reach, DOBOT M1 can realize muáltiple functions such as soldering, PCB plug-in, visual recognition and pick&place. It also provides a secondary-development user interface, which gives users much more possibilities to create their workspace.



General Specifications Range & Features

Controlled Axes 4
Max. Reach 400mm
Range of motion J1 +/- 90°
J2 +/- 135°
Z 250mm
R +/- 360°
Cycle time 0.45s
I/O 24V input x8
24V output x8
Interface Ethernet, RS-232C, USB HID
Payload 1.5kg
Position Repeatability (Control) 0.02mm
Maximum speed J1 160°/s
J2 160°/s
J1+J2 2000mm/s
Z 1000mm/s
Power Supply 100-240VAC. 50-60Hz
Operating System Linux
Software M1 Studio
Control platform ARM Cortex-A9 +ARM Cortex-M4 +FPGA





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